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#01 Kaylan May

I am a senior at Liberty High School. I hope to go to a 4 year college and major in Psychology. After I graduate from this college, I plan to go back to school and earn a Juris Doctoral which will allow me to practice law. I have been apart of Mock Trial for the last 2 year in addition to playing travel softball. It is a huge commitment for both, but once I make a dedication to something I put 110% in what I do.

Player Information

Age Birth Date Height Weight
17 02/25/2000 5'4 155

Academic Information
School(s) Liberty High School

Graduation Year GPA SAT / ACT
2018 3.5 1020

Defensive Position(s) Bats Throws
Third, Catcher, Utility Right Right

Running Times
Home to First Home to Second Home to Home

Awards, Honors, and Activities
Honorable Mention: Prosecuting Attorney for Mock Trial

Academic Interests

NCAA Number  

Contact Information

Address Phone Number
1024 Diamond Way (559) 232-6459

Parents E-mail
Rebecca May kaylanmay136@yahoo.com

To contact coach Stan Hansen, call 209-620-3377 or email elkhunter1959@ymail.com