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#04 Carli Medina

My name is Carli, I am fifteen years old, I am a sophomore at Patterson High School and very competitive, compassionate, organized, studious, love school, coachable. I give 110% effort and always try my hardest and think of the bright side and I'm a leader. I always have a smile on my face.

Player Information

Age Birth Date Height Weight
16 05/30/2002 5'3 115

Academic Information
School(s) Walnut Grove Elementary
Patterson High School

Graduation Year GPA SAT / ACT
2020 4.0  

Defensive Position(s) Bats Throws
Shortstop, Second, Outfield Right Right

Running Times
Home to First Home to Second Home to Home

Awards, Honors, and Activities
Academic Block P, Team Captain, Best Defensive player, nominated Life of A Tiger Ambassador, Tiger Pride Award

Academic Interests
Attend a university and be a sports medicine physician

NCAA Number  

Contact Information

Address Phone Number
1249 Fawn Lily Dr (209) 968-1528
(209) 895-1011

Parents E-mail
Carlos Medina and Elisa Medina carli.medina.04@icloud.com

To contact coach Stan Hansen, call 209-620-3377 or email stan@nsacal.com