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Bend's Summer Clash

June 3rd - 4th, 2023
Skyline/Lundgren Park, Bend OR
8, 10, 12, 14, 16/18
4 game guarantee

Entry Fees

No gate fees!
All teams must be NSA sanctioned to enter
Based on 8 or more teams in each division, first place will receive a paid entry into the Western Nationals. A $900 value!

All teams must be NSA sanctioned.
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Make sure to pick up our tournament shirt!
Entry fee is due 5 days prior to the tournament date.

Teams will be penciled in and are not officially entered in this event until your entry fee has been received.
You will be charged an additional $25 if you pay on the day of the tournament.
No refunds after brackets are posted on the website.
Make checks payable to:

Bullets Softball
P.O. Box 295
Newman, CA 95360
Click here to pay with PayPal or your Credit Card.
No gate fees!
Teams are limited to three free coaches -- sign in at front gate.
All tournaments will have NSA and softball apparel for sale!
No dogs allowed in any park!
No smoking, skates, rollerblades, skateboards or scooters.

Black are penciled in teams.  Blue are confirmed teams.  Green are paid teams.

8U 10U 12U 14U 16/18U
NO 8's Oregon Firecats 10 Nightmare 12 Spice 14 High Desert Renegades 16
Jr Cougs 10 Soar Athletics -Black 12 High Desert Renegades 14 Nampa Pride-Berg 16/18
Wilsonville Wildcats-Robinson 10 Jr Cougs 12 Oregon Select 14 S.O. Outlaws 16
Sunwest 10 Oregon Blaze-Drucker 12 Jr Cougs 14 WA Myst 16
Oregon Blaze-Dunn 10 Wilsonville Wildcats-Poe 12 Wilsonville Wildcats-Van Merer 14 Lady Rangers 1618
WA Bulldogs 10 Sunwest 12 Wilsonville Wildcats-Vannoy 14 Redland Revenge 18
West Linn Lions-Green 10 Crushers 12 Eugene Lightning 14 Beidgetown 16
NW Bullets-Fogarty 10 Deschutes Defenders 12 Rampage Fury 14 NW Mayhem-Clark 18
10U CLOSED/WAITING LIST NW Bomb Squad 12 Oregon Reign 14 Ridgerfield Octane 18
Oregon Reign-Marshall 10 Oregon Reign-Buchanan 12 Nampa Pride - Mathson 14 NorCal Pride-Cole 16
Boise Blast-Cole 12 Ridgerfield Octane 14 1618U CLOSED/WAITING LIST
Frost Elite-Riley 12 Idaho Fastpitch-Torres PowerHouse 16/18
Eugene Lightning 12 Central Oregon Avalanche-Santos 14
Tigard Blast 12 Boise Blast-Engel 14
Lake Oewego Renegades-Convery 12 14 CLOSED/WAITING LIST
CC Devils-Chapin/Lee 12 NW Mayhem 14
Lake Oewego Renegades-Allen 12
Soar Athletics-White 12
West Linn Liones Select-Green 12
Banks Braves-Colton 12
PowerHouse 12
Redmond Fire Lions 12