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Guest Player Form

Guest Player Rules

Guest players can only be used in Summer from February to Memorial weekend. Guest players can only be used in the fall from Labor day weekend to December.

  1. A Player can only be used twice in the same sanction Season.
  2. A player can not be a Guest player from a (A) team to be used on a (B) team
  3. A team can only use 3 guest players in one sanction season

A   B
A   B

Release Agreement

In consideration of being permitted to participate in the N.S.A., and on behalf of my minor child/children identified below, I and said child hereby agree for myself, said child, successor, heirs and assigns, release and forever discharge National Softball Association, Inc (N.S.A.), their employees, officers, and directors from all claims, actions or judgments that I or said minor child may have or claim to have against N.S.A. for all personal injuries, including death, and injuries to property, real or personal, caused by or arising out of my participation in the N.S.A. - either leagues or tournaments.

I and said minor further agree for myself, said child, successor, heirs, and assigns to indemnify and hold N.S.A. harmless from all claims and suits for personal injuries, including death, damages to property caused by act of omission arising out of participation in the N.S.A., and from all judgments recovered and from all expenses incurred in defending said claims o r suits. By signing this I and my minor child further agree that photographs, pictures, slides or movies taken or made by N.S.A., their employees, officers and directors, in connection with my participation in the N.S.A. either Leagues or Tournaments, or any reproduction of the same, as well as my name, may in any manner be used by N.S.A., or by any person, corporation or association authorized by N.S.A. My minor child is in good health and has no physical condition that would prevent them from participating in N.S.A. events. I, THE UNDERSIGNED, HAVE READ AND UNDERSTAND THE FOREGOING RELEASE AND AGREE TO ABIDE BY ALL RULES & BYLAWS of the N.S.A. Note: Rule book with bylaws available 24/7 at www.PlayNSA.com I am aware that TEAM INSURANCE is available for all N.S.A. sanctioned teams to purchase. Insurance details and rates are available at www.PlayNSA.com - then select the Insurance link.

  I have read and agree to the player release