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In the event of a rainout, teams will receive a pro-rated refund, or credit toward a future tournament with the same tournament director. The pro-rated amount is equal to:

  • The tournament is advertised as 3 game pool play with single elimination, but only if we don't experience any conditions out of our control.
  • For every game started, 33% will be deducted from the entry fee.
  • The remainder if any will be refunded or credited, whichever the team prefers. The tournament director has the right to refund the money within 7 days after the tournament, and is not required to refund at the site of the tournament.
  • Awards will be given out if a winner can be determined by the results of the completed games.
    1. Points
    2. Head to Head
    3. Runs Allowed
    4. Runs Scored
    5. Coin Flip
  • Berths to Regional or National tournaments, if any, will be awarded by the State Director only. The team must complete a minimum of three (3) games in order to receive Regional or National berths.